Prefabricated Packaged Skids – Tollgate Gardens

Tollgate Gardens, Kilburn

13th October 2017

Equipment Installed Within Six Skid Modules:

  • 3No. Gas fired boilers each with an output of 540kW
  • 3No. LTHW Single head boiler shunt pumps
  • 1No. Combined heat and power unit with an output of 33kWel adn 71.6 kWth
  • 2No. 4500 Litre vertical thermal stores
  • 1No. LTHW Single head CHP shunt pump
  • 2No. LTHW Twin head circulation pumps
  • 1No. Single head centrifugal pump LTHW pressurisation unit complete with a 800 litre vertical expansion vessel
  • 1No. Side stream filter unit
  • 1No. LTHW Single head side stream filter pump
  • 1No. CAT 4 break tank and booster set assembly
  • 1 No. 20,000 Litre cold water storage tank
  • 1No. Four pump cold water booster set
  • 1No. 150mm LTHW air & dirt separator
  • 1No. 35 Litre LTHWdosing pot