Prefabricated LTHW & HWS Packaged Plantroom – Fenwick, Bracknell

31 January 2017

UPDATE: Please see new photos showing the finished plantroom. UPDATE

Fenwick, Bracknell –
Combined LTHW & HWS Prefabricated Packaged Plantroom

19 October 2016 

Equipment Installed Within Plantroom:

  • 2No. Gas fired boilers each with an output of 479.6kW
  • 2No. Gas fired 300 litre hot water heaters each complete with a expansion relief valve, 25 litre expansion vessel and temperature pressure relief valve
  • 3No. LTHW twin head circulation pumps
  • 1No. LTHW pressurisation unit c/w a 800 litre expansion vessel
  • 2No. Single head HWS return pumps
  • 1No. 6 litre dosing pot
  • 1No. 100mm air & dirt separator