Prefabricated Packaged Plantroom – Brunel University

19th October 2016

UPDATE: Please see new photos showing the installation progress of this project. UPDATE

Brunel University, Wilfred Brown Building –
Prefabricated Packaged Plantroom

08 September 2016

Equipment Installed Within Plantroom:

  • 1No. LTHW plate heat exchanger, Duty: 250kW
  • 1No. CHW plate heat exchanger, Duty: 100kW
  • 2No. LTHW twin head circulation pumps
  • 3No. CHW twin head circulation pumps
  • 1No. LTHW pressurisation unit c/w 2No. 500 litre expansion vessels
  • 1No. CHW 300 litre expansion vessel
  • 1No. LTHW 900 litre buffer vessel
  • 1No. CHW 900 litre buffer vessel
  • 1No. 3000 litre cold water storage tank
  • 1No. Three head cold water booster set
  • 1No. CHW 6 litre dosing pot